Monday, 14 March 2011

a weekend at home with a Folk Art cupboard + Madame La Snake

I spent the weekend daubing a knackered old cupboard in my house with my interpretation of 'Folk Art'...It was surprisingly time consuming, I think I stooped over this for 24 hrs and didn't even paint any motifs to the sides yet. Not to mention the 15 minutes I spent wedged on the staircase by the cupboard while I tried to move its fat carcass downstairs.

A pair of silly looking 'love birds' adapted from a fabric design...
A magpie lurking in a Norwegian tree and my XL sized ginger cat Alex
This door has a cartoon of my , long dead, dog Frodo...and a squirrel that was supposed to be holding an acorn but looks like its doing something else.
I also finished the over embellishment of 'Madame la Snake', my ridiculous bejewelled draft excluder....loosely based on my Great Grandma's, which was even more bejewelled and sequined, pretty much the Mme de Pompadour of draft excluders.

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