Monday, 7 March 2011

Animal Benches, Pupil Referral Unit, Bradford. Morwenna Catt and Lucas Stephens.

My first rough sketch for the benches

We worked at the Pupil Referral Unit to produce some benches for their garden. The young people took part in workshops, created their own mosaics and learnt all about the materials and techniques we'd be using on the furniture.

The main structure of the benches was carved with a chainsaw and finished with chisels.

This one is an Owl

A frog...

This started as a floppy eared rabbit....

We decided to use reflectors as eyes so they 'glow' in the dark

A cat..

A bear....each animal has a section of mosaic on its head.

A dog

The animals bite onto the benches to keep them solid.

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