Tuesday, 1 May 2012

SIRF Carnival Olympic themed sketches

I swim like an artistic brick but have, strangely, been given the theme of 'in the water' for this years Olympic themed costume fest. I've attempted to take the sport out of sport as much as possible. Here is my selection of unsportsmanlike sketches, I'm hoping that adding goggles and swimming hats to each costume will save me.... I'm also going to be making a big structure all about synchronised swimming...
these people are swimming so much like fish that they have turned into actual fish - except one who's turned into a butterfly and is obviously doing Butterfly stroke- god, I love sport.

 sailing boats drifting along in the Stockton sunshine....
this is a canoe - its really a rather slim and stylised whale but the two 'canoeists' are paddling it anyway.
A synchronised swimmer wears a backpack of creepy synchronised doll swimmers, who dance playfully in a Busby Berkley style around an art deco (well hopefully) styled glitzy pool. (Note the big white toothy smile - which is compulsory)

Divers - a swallow dive (see what I did there to avoid actual swimming...) and a frog man (ditto)

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