Thursday, 5 January 2012

Steampunk Interactive Table Commission - Bradford Industrial Museum

My partner Lucas Stephens and I were commissioned to design and make an interactive piece for the Steam Gallery at Bradford Industrial Museum. The initial designs I came up with had a steampunk look and as it turned out the Museum had a Steampunk exhibition in the pipeline so we were asked to complete it in time for the exhibition opening in December. The table has lots of mechanical bits and pieces for people to explore, moving scrolls, a sheep race, drawers and cupboards to look in, secret buttons, spy holes to find and a game to play involving a spinning disc and cards.

The sheep race in action, 'Oves Mira Mechanica' means - Marvellous Mechanical Sheep

We call this contraption the 'Fancy'
The embroidered scroll contains quotes from the mill workers

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