Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Conspicuous Consumption: eat the rich - embroidered head

Today was handover day for the Yorkshire Art loop project. I had to hand on my piece to Gillian Holt, a ceramicist who makes beautifully delicate narrative works (you can see her work here). We met in a pub car park for the handover. Quite peculiar going to meet someone I've never met in a car park to hand over a gaudy clown head, bit like the mafia with red noses - anyway I'm wondering what Gillian will be inspired to make... I'm convinced that whatever it is it will be more tasteful than my offering. I felt vaguely embarrassed handing mine over - I'm wishing I'd shaken myself out of uber-bling carnival mode before I'd started.

Now though I need to think about my next projects...something for the 'Made in Bradford" showcase in a couple of weeks time, we're supposed to be putting in one of our (Burnett + Catt) costumes but I'm thinking it would be great to make something new for it.

I'm also thinking about new work for an exhibition "birds: elementals", a project conceived by the very talented Rockpool Candy which promises to be very exciting, and well travelled, as it will be showing in Northern Ireland, USA and New Zealand. Those birds' wings are going to be knackered.

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