Monday, 6 December 2010

Freak Exhibition, Shoreditch opens 9th December

I'm making multiples to be sold in the 'Freak' Show shop that accompanies the new Exhibition ( The show opens this Thursday evening: 5pm - 10pm at Shoreditch Town Hall - all welcome.

About the Show:
Freaks and misfits hold a vague and mysterious place inside human consciousness and outside of human comprehension. They can take many forms; a freak of nature, a freak accident or a freak appearance. For centuries freak shows and circuses have fascinated and perplexed the imagination of countless audiences. They show us something which is so close to home but living in a reality so far from what we call normality. These misfits serve as a reminder that our reality is only as concrete as we decide to make it. This exhibition serves to explore the notion of the Freaks and to wholeheartedly engulf its self and viewer into the mysteries of things not quite of this world.
This exhibition displays 35 artist's from around Europe and their visions of what happens when we peer behind the curtain and see the glitches in the makeup of our reality.

Opening Night: Thursday 9th December 5pm - 10pm. All welcome.

Exhibition: 9th - 16th December
open from 10am - 7pm on weekdays and from 10am till 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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