Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Stockton Carnival Parade 2009 - carnival artist

I've been really busy for the last few weeks working as a carnival artist on this years Stockton Carnival Parade,apparently its the second biggest in the country. Each of the five artists commissioned was responsible for a section of the parade based around the theme, "Small wonders, Big world". My section was "play" so I had a great time helping my groups with their costumes and structures. Above are a set of toy soldiers from Teeside Positive Action with a very glamorous drag queen 'Crystal Decanter' in a Rainbow Frock stitched by Anthony (just peeking around Crystals shoulder above).

Stockton Parent Support became dancing Snakes and ladders, using a giant Snake and some Ladder backpacks in their routine. They did a fabulous job in the finale.

St Johns Primary School made toy cars and trains, slightly collapsed in the rain which poured for a few hours before and during the parade.

Play Wrensfield made Chess head-dresses and tabards. They also had two King and Queen backpack costumes. The Queen didnt have enough 'hair' fringing so I ended up improvising with some giant rollers.

Play Hardwick were Pacmen and Space Invaders and made some big space invader standards to carry.

Downs Syndrome North East managed to negotiate a giant bear, a huge doll, a smaller bear backback and a large helter skelter covered in sliding teddy bears through a rainy town centre. All while wearing plasterzote bear helmets and blowing bubble guns.

Navrang Arts are a Bollywood dance group that became a flock of Bollywood Birds for the afternoon.


Anthony Sanders said...

These are all gorgeous. I wasn't aware of this art until now

Anthony Sanders said...

These are all gorgeous. I wasn't aware of this art until now