Monday, 22 June 2009

Lord Mayors Parade - final nights work

We spent the night before the parade constructing the floats. Helpfully, it was really windy and poured with rain for most of the night. By 4am in the morning we were gaffa taping foil to our legs to keep the cold out. The photos are taken as dawn approaches (so a bit dark - like our mood) as we were still feverishly sliding around on the wet floats and up ladders applying ruffles of net and shiny things. We finished at about 5.30 - just in time to get an hour and a halfs sleep before the parade.

If it sits still, give it a ruffle! This is Oscar in the workshop - he used to live in a circus so he's unphased by a bit of frou-frou.

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Andrew Kim said...

Just found your website and blog. Gorgeous work! Can't believe the amount of detail on a parade costume!