Thursday, 28 February 2008

public art - installing the sheep

The sheep is being installed in the town centre. Its a tight deadline as the unveiling is this Saturday the 1st of March. So far we've had freezing temperatures, gale force winds, torrential rain and the odd earthquake, along with various cuts, bruises, aches and pains, coffee burns and a cement filled eye. If whoever it is in charge of the weather happens to glance at this tonight can we have a few days of sun please? There's been alot of interest from the public - alot of good comments and a few bad - including concerns that we're planting a devil opposite woolies. Anyway there are a few photos above of the last couple of weeks progress. Some shots of the iron umbrella from its beginnings in the Old Forge Foundry through to its welding into the site. A detail of the mosaic before the mesh was applied to the plinth and fantastic support artist Kath who's been out in all weathers.

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