Saturday, 22 September 2007

art for nothing - Slovenia

Art for Nothing

Square Bevkov trg in Nova Gorica

on Saturday, 29 September 2007, 11 am

The BridA Art Collective from Šempas, the Art Gallery »Mestna Galerija Nova Gorica« and SGP Gorica d.d., in collaboration with the Hoxton Square Gallery (London, UK), are organizing a special art event, ART FOR NOTHING, which will take place in the Square Bevkov trg in Nova Gorica on Saturday, 29 September 2007, 11 am.

ART FOR NOTHING is the second in a series of events that the Hoxton Square Gallery is planning to put in place throughout Europe. The first of these events was held in London in June of 2007.

On the initiative of the BridA Art Collective, the next event is to be held in Slovenia at the end of September. More than 30 artists from Slovenia, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland and Germany will gather together in the Square Bevkov trg in Nova Gorica to give away their works of art free to passers-by.

The event will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Art Gallery »Mestna galerija Nova Gorica« and the 10th Anniversary of the BridA Art Collective. The construction company SGP Gorica d.d. has established its important role in the town over the past 50 years. The company's new administration board has decided to contribute to the higher quality of life in the town by supporting this event.

The organisers are donating to the town and its inhabitants this interesting project, in which artists will be creating their works in a public place, and will be giving them away to passers-by for free. (Performances, fine art, etc.)

Altogether, there will be more than 30 participating artists from 6 countries present in the Square Bevkov trg.


BridA (Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan, Jurij Pavlica, Klemen Brun)

Gaja Zornada

Žiga Koritnik

Jernej Forbici

Helena Angelski

Jure Poša

Blaž Erzetič

Breda Čuk

Maja Zorec

Nataša Šiško

Metja Stritmar

Andrej Mivšek
Vedran Vražalić

Bojana Križanec
Jadranka Ivačič
Kristina Kompan

ARWA (group for experimental motion)

United Kingdom:

Kirsty Harris

Dawn Kolpin

Richard Maddalena

Morwenna Catt

Duncan Burnett

Lyndsay Officer

Loz Taylor

Sally Noall

Stuart Robinson

David Porter

Teresa Mills

North Ireland:

Lee Boyd


Roxanne Brousseau-Felio


Otto Holler

Pedi Matthies


Katia Ceccarelli - Koshka

Marina Brumat

Marica Vicari

Denis Tomasini

Michele Lugnan


vivityviv said...

Good luck with it & bon voyage! :)

bloomoo said...

hi wenna
hows things? hear you have been busy. hope the carnival went ok. look forward to meeting up in slovenia.

disaster said...

uh...i wont be able to make it to Art fo No.
life aint all about rabbits and stitched mouths, as someone already said =)