Monday, 20 August 2007

carnival 2007 sketches - its all deeply symbolic!

I havent posted on here for ages because I havent had time for my own work in between projects. Life isn't all rabbits and stitched mouths you know! (unfortunately). Anyway - at the moment we're (Burnett and Catt) busy working on this years Bradford Carnival Parade, themed appropriately (but not necessarily usefully) on 100 years of Bradford Lord Mayors. So with a distinct lack of miserable sketches to sling up - heres a few sketches of floats we'll be constructing - and a tongueless boar (it is deeply symbolic in Bradford!) as a kind of dancing dragon type thing. Really looking forward to making that one. We're also making some big build costumes - a very glamorous stork and a magician with golden knitting needles - knitting a new Bradford from the ashes of the old! (see him clicking his needles above)


vivityviv said...

Great! Here's hoping you can live up to the 'fancy duck' from last time! :P

admin said...

Amazing project. Lovely work--as always.
(I keep waiting for you to post something mediocre or less than extraordinary but I've given up now) I hope Bradford appreciates you.